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August 2018 | TicketWeb Products

Month: August 2018



TicketWeb Reporting Tools provide the insights you need to make faster, better, more accurate business decisions.

The robust platform that makes it simple to assess, monitor and understand the data you need to manage and market your events.

Dashboards make it easy to analyze data at a glance while in-depth reports are simple to create, customize and download.


Access real-time event ticket sales and attendance instantly with OnSale by TicketWeb, the first comprehensive easy-to-use mobile app that gives you the insights you need to run your business.

OnSale by TicketWeb allows you to easily:

  • Access event ticket counts, gross sales, attendance and more!
  • Stay up to date with real-time data
Reporting Your Way
Reports can be pulled either at the event level or account level. Reports can be customized and filtered to only receive certain information or details.
Real-Time Analytics
Enjoy the flexibility of real-time insights showing you event performance, scanning stats and more whether you’re on-site or on the go.
Automate Reporting
Build and customize reports then save and schedule to get them delivered to your inbox.
Event Stats Made Easy
Get the insights you need to run your business from OnSale, an intuitive mobile app.
Instant Downloads
TicketWeb provides exportable data formats within a permissions-based system.
Performance Dashboards
Through an easy-to-use interface, decision makers can easily track where sales, campaign performance, referrals and more!


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